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who made bitcoin

who made bitcoin

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Satoshi Nakamoto

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  • Who is the real inventor of bitcoin?

  • Dorian Nakamoto, 64, had been identified by Newsweek as the person who masterminded Bitcoin鈥攁 story that, like previous attempts to unmask its pseudonymous inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto, was soon discredited.

  • Who owns bitcoin 2020?

  • Oct 7, 2020 Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, (almost certainly) a pseudonym, that no one has been able to conclusively connect to an actual person or group of people to this day. Nakamoto vanished from the internet in 2011, leaving few clues as to who they might be.

  • What was the first bitcoin transaction?

  • The first Bitcoin transaction occurred when Nakamoto sent 10 Bitcoins to Hal Finney, a well-known developer who had downloaded the Bitcoin software on its release date. The first commercial transaction came in 2010, when a programmer named Laszlo Hanyecz bought himself two Papa John鈥檚 pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoin.

  • Is Satoshi Nakamoto the real inventor of bitcoin?

  • Finney has flatly denied any claims that he was the inventor of Bitcoin and has always maintained his involvement in the currency was only ever secondary. In 2014, Finney died of the neuro-degenerative disease ALS. In one of his final posts on a Bitcoin forum, he said Satoshi Nakamoto’s true identity still remained a mystery to him.