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how to create a bitcoin account in nigeria

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  • How to create a Bitcoin (BTC) account?

  • Go to 鈥淲allet鈥?and select 鈥淔iat and Spot鈥? Select 鈥淏TC鈥?and click on 鈥淒eposit鈥?Select the 鈥淏TC Bitcoin (BTC)鈥?network from the 鈥淒eposit to鈥?drop-down box. A bitcoin address will display, send the BTC to that wallet address. That is all! You have successfully created and funded your Bitcoin account (wallet).

  • Is it safe to use Bitcoin in Nigeria?

  • The safety rule here is: If you have Bitcoin worth millions of Naira, get a hardware wallet. But, if you are just starting and your Bitcoin is worth a few thousand in naira, you can use a hot wallet. Easy so far, right?

  • How to fund a bitcoin wallet?

  • How to Fund a Bitcoin Wallet 1 Deposit Naira into your Luno Naira wallet on either by bank transfer or card. 2 Buy Bitcoins with money in your Luno Naira wallet. More …

  • Can you sell bitcoin for naira on Binance P2P?

  • Yes, however, you must first sell your bitcoins for naira on a P2P platform. When you sell your bitcoins to someone, they will deposit the naira to your bank account. This tutorial will walk you through how to sell your Bitcoin for naira on Binance P2P.