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how to send bitcoin from cex io

how to send bitcoin from cex io插图

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You can transfer bitcoins among CEX.IO accounts by using the platform鈥檚 voucher system. This comes with no fees. For buying and selling,CEX.IO charges 7% of the amount traded in fiat currency. Exchange rates on CEX.IO are based on the platform鈥檚 market activity.

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  • How can I send a transfer through Cex Io?

  • How can I send a transfer through CEX.IO? Here鈥檚 how you send a money transfer with bitcoin: Use fiat currency to buy bitcoins. 鈥?Use US dollars, euros or Russian rubles on CEX.IO鈥檚 Buy/Sell page. Transfer the bitcoins to your recipient. 鈥?Simultaneously withdraw your bitcoin while sending it via CEX.IO鈥檚 voucher system.

  • How do I withdraw cryptocurrency from Cex Io?

  • fill the checkbox. In order to withdraw (send) your cryptocurrency from CEX.IO to another wallet, you should: click the Withdrawal button next to the currency you want to withdraw. On the next page, you need to enter your destination address and amount.

  • What is Cex Io?

  • CEX.IO is a London-based cryptocurrency exchange on which you can buy, sell and trade bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin. CEX.IO supports fiat currencies 鈥?government-issued and regulated money 鈥?like the US dollar, euro and Russian ruble.

  • How much bitcoin can I buy and sell on Cex?

  • When buying bitcoins on CEX.IO you need to purchase a minimum of 0.01 BTC with a maximum of 10 BTC. The limits are the same for selling bitcoins. You can withdraw an unlimited amount in bitcoins.