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can i trade bitcoin in india

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How to buy bitcoin in India?

You can also purchase bitcoins by making a quick payment into Zebpay’s bank account. You need to undergo a KYC procedure before you can start using the service. Another popular India-based cryptocurrency exchange is Unocoin, which allows you to trade Bitcoins.

How do you trade Bitcoin?

You can trade bitcoin in two ways: Purchase bitcoins so that you can sell them later for a higher price. Speculate on the value of bitcoins without actually owning any of them. The latter is also called CFD trading, in which you trade contracts based on prices of underlying assets.

Is bitcoin banned in India?

Although it has warned Indians against using cryptocurrencies, the RBI hasn’t banned the use of Bitcoins in India. This leaves Indians more or less free to experiment with bitcoin trading. What the RBI has done is to ban all entities that it regulates to provide services to businesses and individuals dealing in virtual currencies.

How to start cryptocurrency trading in India?

There are plenty of licensed and reputed online brokers that offer cryptocurrency trading, but we have handpicked the following two for Indian traders. We suggest getting started with a free demo account at one of these brokers. A free demo account is a great tool to learn more about Bitcoin trading without losing any of your hard-earned funds.