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can bitcoin work without internet

can bitcoin work without internet

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Cannot be used without the Internet
Currently,Bitcoincannot be used without the Internetbecause it is the most widely used network for Bitcoin nodes to connect to each other; however,the possibility of using other means of transmission or connection between nodes is open.

Can bitcoin exist without the Internet?

Such a scheme still relies on the internet, however, because the value of the coins is dependent upon the internet based Bitcoin blockchain. The actual Bitcoin protocol itself could not be modified to exist without the Internet (or some equivalent wide area network).

Is bitcoin decentralized and censored?

Bitcoin is decentralized and censorship-resistant … as long as you are connected to internet. What happens when your ISP decides to block your access or you are stuck in a disaster area or you are out of internet for some other reason?

How can the government ban bitcoin?

One of the most efficient ways for a government to ban bitcoin is to enlist ISPs to block local network nodes, Myers noted. ISPs have already shown they can identify their customers using BitTorrent as shown in cases when legal firms went after them due to copyright claims.

Can you spend your bitcoin in a disaster area?

“You need to be able to spend your bitcoin even in disaster areas,” goTenna engineer Richard Myers told CoinDesk, citing the Perdomo siblings’ recent work in Puerto Rico, where goTenna devices helped people reconnect after Hurricane Maria. “As long as you have a way to charge your phone, you can be up and meshed and communicating.”

How does TXTenna work?

In an interesting presentation at the recent HCPP18 conference in Prague Richard Meyers introduced TxTenna, a way to send Bitcoin transactions using GoTenna Mesh devices together with Samourai wallet. GoTenna lets you build mesh networks using small devices that can be paired with your phone and that communicate with each other using radio frequencies that are open for the public to use. This means that a Bitcoin tranasction can be travel through a number hops of GoTenna devices until it reaches a device that has an Internet connection.

What project intends to decrease Bitcoin’s dependence on the internet?

One project that intends to decrease Bitcoin’s dependence on the internet is Blockstream’s satellite project that allows anyone to receive the Bitcoin blockchain using a small satellite antenna and a USB receiver.

Can you broadcast Bitcoin to a bottle?

More entertaining options include Bitcoin as a message in a bottle. In the end, all of these of course depend on reaching some sort of relay node that can broadcast the transaction to the Bitcoin network for you, using the Internet, but it can provide a way to reach such a node, without having an internet connection yourself.

Can Bitcoin be shut down?

Bitcoin without the Internet. Bitcoin was designed to be a censorship resistant system that doesn’t shut anyone out and that can’t be shut down by any individual authority or group. Sounds good, this is very much how the Internet is supposed to work too, but unfortunately this is not exactly the case anymore with the Internet.

Can you receive Bitcoin without internet?

Blockstream’s ground stations transmit new blocks to the satellites so that anyone can receive them, even without an internet connection. This makes it possible for anyone to fully validate the Bitcoin blockchain even without internet access and it already covers Europe, Africa, North and South America and more satellites are planned.

When did David start Bitcoin?

David launched in January 2012 and has followed Bitcoin since then, discussing and writing articles. You find him on Twitter or on the forum under the alias D.H. where he is happy to answer any questions you might have about Bitcoin.

Can you use Bitcoin on the internet?

The Internet is of course the base layer that Bitcoin needs to function so if you can’t use the Internet, you can’t use Bitcoin. For Bitcoin to function as a completely free and open infrastructure for money it would need to find alternative paths for the information to take, independent of the internet.

What is the name of the app that allows you to exchange bitcoins?

A Brooklyn-based company GoTenna, a decentralized startup, is collaborating with Samourai Wallet, a bitcoin wallet focused on privacy and security, on an app dubbed TxTenna that allows users to exchange bitcoin when not connected to the web.

How much does a gotenna cost?

The goTenna device, which costs $179 per pair , allows users to access a mesh network and send data without the need for Internet connection.

What is mesh network?

A mesh network is a local network topology in which the infrastructure nodes (i.e. bridges, switches and other infrastructure devices) connect directly, dynamically and non-hierarchically to as many other nodes as possible and cooperate with one another to efficiently route data from/to clients. This lack of dependency on one node allows for every node to participate in the relay of information. Mesh networks dynamically self-organize and self-configure, which can reduce installation overhead.

How many nodes are there in a three square mile area?

According to goTenna, simulations indicate less than 2 random nodes in a three-square-mile area can sufficiently provide a goTenna network.

Which app passes transactions to TXTenna?

The Samourai Wallet app passes the transaction to the TxTenna App

Why are ISPs prone to disasters?

The fact that such ISPs are centralized also makes them prone to disasters, he noted. The communication layer itself needs to be more resilient.

Is Bitcoin censorship resistant?

Bitcoin is decentralized and censorship-resistant … as long as you are connected to internet. What happens when your ISP decides to block your access or you are stuck in a disaster area or you are out of internet for some other reason?

Is Pony Direct for Android?

For those who prefer a mobile-based approach to sending Bitcoin transactions, Pony Direct for Android is an option worth checking out. It allows users to transmit Bitcoin network transactions via SMS, a technology that will often be accessible even if the Internet may not be.

Can you receive Bitcoin without internet?

One of the more recent options to come to market is the Blockstream Satellite receiver. For those unaware, Blockstream launched a satellite a while ago to put a Bitcoin node in space. Through the Satellite Receiver, one can passively receive Bitcoin data without an internet connection.

Can amateur radio work with Bitcoin?

It may sound at first, but amateur radio can serve a positive purpose in the Bitcoin industry. Should you ever find yourself in a position where the Internet is censored heavily or unavailable, it is still possible to perform Bitcoin transactions. While it does take significant preparation to set everything up, the option cannot be ignored.


Bitcoin has taken the world by storm and introduced new possibilities into the financial market. While it has been around for some years, this digital currency platform and others like it are still new. They are still a developing technology that most people don’t know much about.

1. Broadcasting From Space

A blockchain company Blockstream revealed a new service that transmits Bitcoin blockchain to almost every location on Earth through satellite communication in real time. It covers two-thirds of the Earth’s landmass, which means most users will have clear and easy access to this blockchain communications technology.

2. Radio

Satellite communication isn’t the only option available. The cryptocurrency industry has several innovators that develop unique solutions to problems in this emerging field. Nick Szabo has come up with a way to carry out Bitcoin transactions over radio.

3. GoTenna

Industry influencers have long-since realized that the Internet can’t be reliable platform for Bitcoin, especially if they want the cryptocurrency industry to grow. That’s why new technologies for communications and transactions are being developed regularly.