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can bitcoin survive

can bitcoin survive

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The short answer?Yes, Bitcoin can survive an apocalypse. Not only this, but Bitcoin is actually the most robust network on the planet, as well as the most likely to stay alive in some sort of apocalyptic situation.

Will the government try to bring down bitcoin?

in response to either of those questions. The government will not bring down Bitcoin because it cannot do so. If you asked a sensible Bitcoin guru what he liked about the cryptocurrency, the fact that it is decentralized would almost certainly be on his list. Decentralization means that no one is really in control of Bitcoin.

Is anyone still buying bitcoin?

With bitcoin, yes it is risky, but it is not nearly as bad if you were to try out penny stocks in the stock market. So no, it is not crazy to still invest in bitcoin any time soon even with the near-10k price it has.

Do people still invest in Bitcoin?

Interest in Bitcoin has surged over the last few years – everyone from governments to grandmothers are talking about it, however, there is still much uncertainty on how to actually invest in it and the reasons why people are doing so.

What is the ultimate future for bitcoin?

The Future of BitcoinKeys to Mass Adoption. With its decentralized nature,the idea of regulations may seem at odds with Bitcoin is all about. …Bitcoin Price Predictions. Industry analysts have varied opinions about where the price of Bitcoin may be in 2025,2030,or even further into the future.Digital Gold. …

Internet Outages

There are many examples of governments censoring the internet access of their citizens. Jigsaw, which is a unit within Google that conducts research on internet shutdowns, has made the following observation:

Bitcoin: Apocalypse-Resistant Money

Let’s paint a picture of what an apocalyptic scenario would look like. If this were to happen, we would hypothetically lose: internet, power, food supply, water supply, gasoline and public transportation.
What’s truly amazing is the fact that Bitcoin can still be used in this situation.

Why Is Bitcoin Apocalypse-resistant Money?

As previously stated, Bitcoin is the most robust network on Earth, and ironically, above Earth as well (thanks to Blockstream satellites ). But how is it that Bitcoin is so robust?
Bitcoin is decentralized.

You Can Run A Node Without Using The Internet

The large, distributed amount of nodes that the Bitcoin network has makes it apocalypse-resistant money. Even more impressive, your entire area’s internet could go out and you could still run a node using satellites.

How Can Bitcoin Be Sent Without The Internet?

However data can be sent, bitcoin can be sent as well. The internet is simply one way of transferring data but certainly not the only way.
Even if an apocalypse doesn’t happen, there are still valid use cases for offline Bitcoin transactions to take place. Surprisingly, roughly 40% of the world’s population still remains offline.

Closing Thoughts: The Future Of Bitcoin Citadels

The reality is, right now, it’s not necessarily convenient for the average person to send an offline Bitcoin transaction through radio, satellites, etc.

Why did Satoshi Nakamoto create Bitcoin?

The U.S Great Recession was why Satoshi Nakamoto built Bitcoin. Ideally, the widespread failure of the conventional financial system prompted Satoshi to develop a decentralized digital currency. Satoshi wanted to give the world money that individuals could use and trust without third-party intervention. And Satoshi succeeded in creating independent, non-fungible value storage.

What is the best treatment for a recession?

Adaption and innovation are the best treatment for a recession. Surviving a recession requires individuals to adapt to new technologies. For instance, the e-commerce world and the micro-gig economy boomed during the previous recession. That means technology is an asset to individuals and companies that want to adapt.

Is blockchain good for a recession?

Blockchain is already essential, making sense that it could be the vehicle to carry people out of the next recession. And people investing in Bitcoin could reap the maximum rewards when a recession comes.

Is Bitcoin decentralized?

Since Bitcoin is decentralized, its price could remain stable during a recession. Currently, some people in less stable economies are transferring money to blockchain-based digital currencies. That way, these people can preserve their money’s value.

Is Bitcoin a risky investment?

Many people see Bitcoin as a risky investment due to its decentralization and lack of backing by anything. Ideally, Bitcoin lacks any government guarantee or support by a business asset. That means an investor can’t recover anything if it folds.

Is Bitcoin a recession proof asset?

No asset is entirely recession-proof. While some people think that Bitcoin could survive a recession, you can’t be sure that it will weather the storm and emerge stronger. Thus, people will know this if an economic downturn comes and leave Bitcoin stronger.

Does Bitcoin affect supply?

Unlike sawmills’ effects on the lumber market or drilling activity on gas and oil supply, Bitcoin computing power does not affect supply.